Titison Guesthouse, Ureparapara
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Here you really do 'sail into paradise' because there's no airport on Ureparapara. Visitors to Ureparapara are almost exclusively cruising yachts and it's likely to remain this way. The yacht season runs from June to October each year.

Costs and booking
Titison Guesthouse costs 1000 vatu per person, per night and includes all meals. Exchange rates.

There is no phone coverage of Ureparapara. Just go and the whole village will come down to the beach to meet the newcomers. The bungalows are owned by Chief Nicholson Dini.

There are two tiny bungalows: one has a double bed, the other has two singles. There is netting on the windows and mosquito nets are provided. There are separate shared ablutions with a bucket-flush toilet and hose shower. Each bungalows has a small solar light but a torch would be helpful.

You will need to charter a speed boat from either Vanua Lava or Mota Lava islands. Ships are much too infrequent. It's a costly exercise, expect to pay between 40,000 and 60,000 Vatu for the return trip, depending on who takes you. Stopping over at the Reef Islands is a great idea.

Services and suggestions
We were told that talcum powder is a good fire ant deterrent. Bring insect repellent, soap, toilet paper, towels, and something to use as a pillow. Apparently there is a store in the village.

First surveyed: January 2013 by Dianne.
Last updated: March 2013 by Stephen

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