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Rah Beachfront Bungalow is a new place which started in October 2013. It is a friendly, homestay-like place run by the Demmet family, Elizabeth and Dunstan and their son Tony.

Tankyu tumas Jenny for telling us about Rah Beachfront Bungalow.

Costs and booking
Rah Beachfront Bungalow is 3000 Vatu per person, per night including meals. Exchange Rates.

You can contact contact Tony on 593185? (missing one digit) or Elizabeth on 5977184 (both Digicel mobiles).

Tony has a good reliable boat and can arrange to pick you up from the airport on Mota Lava (especially useful if the truck has broken down, and you don't want to walk 12 km in the heat). He can also arrange trips to Reef Islands and Ureparapara.

Accommodation and food
There is currently one spacious bungalow with 2 rooms, a double bed and solar lighting. Outside, there is a cold shower and a flush toilet. They have a shaded beachfront sitting area, where you rest and catch the breeze.

Meals are aelan kaekae, fruit, fish and Dunstan regularly dives for lobster. The Demmets also have refrigeration, which means cold beer.

First surveyed: March 2014 by Jenny.
Last updated: May 2014 by Jenny.

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