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Inside Malau Yacht Resort, Vanua Lava, Banks Islands, Vanuatu
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The main destination on west Vanua Lava is Waterfall Bay. Here the Sasara River makes a twin waterfall into a pool by the ocean. It's popular with cruising yachts.

Malau Yacht Resort is owned and run by Chief Kerely Malau. He also set up and manages the Waterfall Bay Association. The bungalows are by the beach and close to the waterfall. There are also some caves in the area and inshore reefs.

Costs and Booking
Charges and fees are Malau Yacht Resort are presented below. Exchange Rates.

Costs Vatu
Bungalow 2000 per person
Camping 500 per person
Breakfast 300
Lunch/dinner 400
Chicken lunch/dinner 1000
Lobster lunch/dinner 1200
Laundry 300
Waterfall Bay Tour 1000
Bush and garden tour 300
Kastom wall painting cave tour 600
Cave of skulls tour 600
Kastom dance (minimum 4 people) 1500

There are no communications and most visitors just turn up unannounced. You might contact the tourism officer at TORBA Province in Sola (38550) for an update before going, but it's not really required.

Accommodation and Food
There's one bungalow, built of local materials. It has two rooms, each with two single beds and locking doors. There are no mosquito nets but a mosquito coil is provided. There are few mosquitos. Lighting is from kerosene lamps.

There's a dry pit toilet. You bathe at the waterfall. Bring toilet paper, a towel and soap.

The aelan kaekae is good at Waterfall Bay. Lunch or dinner may be fish or chicken with rice, water taro or lap-lap manioc. Breakfast may be banana chips and tea or instant coffee. Lobsters are abundant on the reefs off the beach and freshwater prawns are available.

Kereley's main business is entertaining yachts. The yacht season runs from June to October each year. You can see some handicrafts for sale in the restaurant building.

It's a 3 or 4 hour walk from Vureas Bay to Waterfall Bay, 6 to 7 hours direct from Sola.

You may charter a speedboat in Sola to Waterfall Bay for about 10000(?) Vatu, one-way. There are no speedboats at Waterfall Bay so plan your return carefully.

First surveyed: May 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: July 2009 by Stephen (basic edit only).

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27/10/2010 Standard


I spent about 2 weeks here in 2002 after being dropped off by boat that I crewed on from Fiji. This was a life defining journey for me. The locals were absolutley amazing and this is truly one of those places on the planet that is relatively unspoilt with no phones, tv, electricity, roads or running water. The people are friendly and very interested in your stories - you will be well looked after! The facilities are what you'd expect in a remote part of the world - very basic hut and simple food. However, that only adds to the intrigue of such a charming and hidden place. I hiked across the island with Keraly and his wife Elizabeth (charming people) and stayed a few nights in different villages. Expect to be amazed, inspired and the centre of (lots) of attention! Sol
08/02/2006 Standard


I spent 2 nights here in December last year (2005). It took me a day to walk here from Sola with Robert from Leumorous. The villages along the way were very interesting and everyone seemed excited to meet a strange Irishman…

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