Leumerous bungalow, Vanua Lava, Banks Islands, Vanuatu
Leumerous bungalow room, Vanua Lava, Banks Islands, Vanuatu
Leumerous Guesthouse, Sola, Vanua Lava Vanuatu Aelan Walkabot rating
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Leumerous Guesthouse has five bungalows by the beach at Sola with modern amenities like electric lighting, flush toilets and showers. Leumerous is a sister bungalow to Paradise Bungalows on Ra Island (Mota Lava).

Leumerous is run by Robert Sam and Sarah Dini. Robert is helpful in planning expeditions on Vanua Lava, organising transport and can take you on short guided walks.

Leumerous is the last bungalow you find when coming from the airport. It's near the bend in the road, past the shops and before the provincial government buildings.

Costs and Booking
A night at Leumerous costs 2500 Vatu per person, including all meals. Exchange Rates.

For both Leumerous Guesthouse and Paradise Bungalows you can telephone Father Luke Dini or his wife Rona on 7745770.

Accommodation and Food
The bungalows at Leumerous Guesthouse have concrete or stone walls with bamboo on top and Natangura palm thatch roofs. The best bungalows have locking doors and mosquito nets. If there's no net you'll be given a mosquito coil.

Of the five bungalows, two are singles, two are twins and one is a triple. They have solar-powered lighting.

Food at Leumerous is generally quite basic. Lunch or dinner might be rice with beef stew or fish. Breakfasts may be bread, gato or crackers with tea or coffee (instant).

First surveyed: May 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: April 2011 by Stephen.

Visitor Ratings for Leumerous Guesthouse, Sola Rate it
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30/07/2012 Standard


We could only stay one night and it was pleasant enough. Sara's place is right in the beach. The food was great and Sara also makes the best Island Jam... Her chicken with its many baby’s was way cute. Local football/soccer was excellent. Howard & Michelle Christchurch New Zealand
18/01/2007 Standard


We stayed 5 days at Leumerous Guesthouse in Sola Vanua Lava and it was the best experience that we had in our 3 week stay in Vanuatu. We arrived on Friday 30th Dec 2006 & were met at the airport by Robert Sam who had arranged for the govt ute (truck) to transport us back to the Guesthouse. One of our bags got lost and Robert went to the airport to meet every flight until the bag finally arrived on the Monday. We had a double bed and mosquito net and so were quite comfortable after we got used to the idea that before going to bed you needed to shake the bedding & spray around & tuck the mosquito net in around the mattress. At night there was a breeze from the ocean and the sound of the waves rocked us to sleep. The food was excellent and Sareh Dini is a fantastic cook given the conditions in the kitchen
08/02/2006 Standard


I spent a week here at the start of December last year (2005). Robert, Sarah and Luke were a great help, especially with the walk to Waterfall Bay. Food was excellent. A great place to start discovering the Banks.

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