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Juboes (pronounced "ju-boys") is near Taloa village.

Tankyu tumas Kerry for updating the phone numbers.

Information in the Vanuatu Tourism Office tells tells that Juboes costs 3000 Vatu per day including all meals. Exchange Rates.

New phone numbers are: +678 5481448 or +678 7771620.
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01/09/2009 Standard


We got hit with a 5,000vt bill for activities which included a charge for snorkelling off the beach that we were already paying 3,000vt to stay on. Most annoying was the 2,500vt (x 6 of us) charge to go visit the underwater plane even though it was a detour of 200 mts from the return boat trip we had already paid for. The boatman couldnt find it. Refund? After a lot of argument we got 500 vt back each, seems that the other 12,000vt was used up, em, never did work out where. If you stay here be warned there is a charge for everything, find out what it is and agree in advance including all eventualities. I will stay in Vat-Vaka next time.

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