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Walarua Guesthouse is on north Pentecost at Lavatu. It is 15 minutes walk from the Sara airfield and 15 minutes from the landing for boats from Maewo.

Not far away, the beach at Laone is nice and a tourist bungalow was under construction in February 2005. By the school at Nazareth, stands a memorial to Father Walter Lini who helped steer Vanuatu to independence in 1980 and was the nation's first Prime Minister.

Costs and Booking
Ezekiel, the owner of Walarua, is often away on Santo and his wife, Marion, looks after the business. Accommodation at Walarua Guesthouse costs 1200 Vatu per person, per night, self-catering. You can telephone Walarua Guesthouse on 38388 (public telephone next to the store). They speak English. All expenses are payable in Vatu cash. Exchange rates.

Accommodation and Food
Ezekiels Guesthouse has three bedrooms, each with two single beds, and a kitchen. There were no fly screens in February 2005 but few mosquitoes as north Pentecost is a dry place. Kerosene lamps are used for lighting. The outside doors have locks.

The guesthouse kitchen has the usual gas cook top and a basic set of pots, plates, utensils etc. There are more than a few stores around where you can buy food and fresh local bread. Sometimes there are fundraisers or mini-markets on "busy street" where you can buy tan kaekae. Water is supplied from Ezekiel's two rainwater tanks and it's OK to drink.

Downstairs and behind the guesthouse is a basic pit toilet and a haos blong swim (bucket showers). Bring your own bath towel, toilet paper and soap.

Services, Suggestions and Transport
North Pentecost has a National Bank of Vanuatu and there's a medical clinic near the Nazareth school. Some ships use the passage at Laone, about 30 minutes walk from the Sara airstrip.

First surveyed: February 2005 by Stephen.
Last updated: March 2005 by Stephen.

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