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Walap Beach Bungalows is close to Wali village on south Pentecost. It had a dormant look about it in February 2005 but should be open during the Naghol season, April to June. Walap looks like a nice place, between the beach and a river.

The people looking after Walap Beach Bungalows live in Pangi. You can telphone Annette Wari or Clement Tami on 38814 (Melsul Nelson) or 38327 (public telephone). Contact us if you can provide an update and mobile phone numbers.

Walap Beach Bungalows charges about the same as Nagol Bungalows.

First surveyed: Not done.
Last updated: June 2005 by Stephen.

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30/05/2006 Standard


Apparently, resulting from a local dispute there are currently (May 2006) TWO different Walap Bungalows. We stayed at the Bungalow with one long hut divided into several rooms + dining room. Food awful, staff disinterested.


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