Toa guesthouse, Ambae, Vanuatu
Toa Guesthouse, Ambae, Vanuatu
Inside Toa Guesthouse, Ambae, Vanuatu
West Ambae, Vanuatu
Camping at Devil's Rock, Ambae, Vanuatu
Toa Palms Bungalows, Ndui Ndui, Ambae Vanuatu Aelan Walkabot rating
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West Ambae panorama, Vanuatu

Centrally located Toa Palms Bungalows (Toa Guest House) is a good base for exploring West Ambae. From Ndui Ndui you might climb up to the crater lakes on top of Ambae or follow the coast.

Costs and Booking
Toa Guesthouse charges 1500 Vatu per person per night, payable in Vatu cash. Breakfast and other meals can be provided on request. Exchange rates.

Raynold Sile is now looking after Toa Palms. You can also email Tom Hakwa, the owner:
Telephone: 7748259 (Smile), 5637232 (Digicel)
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Accommodation and Food
Toa Palms has three bungalows, each with ensuite bathroom.

The main building (reception) features a lounge and kitchen facilities including a gas stove. Toa guesthouse has a solar power system for lighting (no inverter). A generator is used infrequently.

Water is pumped from a rainwater tank to an elevated tank. A separate rainwater tank is used for drinking water.

There are a couple of local restaurants and a small market place near Toa Guesthouse. They usually have bread and sometimes rice dishes and aelan kaekae.

Greater Ndui Ndui has several well stocked stores, a health centre, National Bank of Vanuatu, Post Office and Police. The airport at Walaha is not far away and Ndui Ndui has a concrete wharf.

First surveyed: October 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: July 2012 by Stephen (pricing?).

Visitor Ratings for Toa Palms Bungalows, Ndui Ndui Rate it
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29/08/2013 Standard


Accommodation is Vt1500 for a single adult.
Very nice place in a beautiful garden setting. Tom, Sile and Chantal are all very nice and helpful.
The food situation is a bit difficult in the village. You can get meals in the little market place nearby, but they are a bit average. The shops have very limited supplies of canned food, biscuits, noodles etc.
For fresh food, we picked grapefruit from a tree in the main street, and collected coconut & aelan cabis from the bungalow garden. Chantal was very helpful in showing us how to open coconuts, and Tom gave us a bag of nangai nuts. All good fun!
Unfortunately the bungalows are made of concrete and stay quite hot throughout the night. The shower heads are ceiling mounted which is not ideal if you don't want to wash your hair each time you shower.
13/10/2011 Standard


Jeffrey is now running Tua Lodge, a nice guesthouse about 200m away from Toa Palms. His number is 5401652. He can arrange for you to stay at either place and is a lovely guy who (if you stay at Tua Lodge) can also arrange for you to go canoe fishing, camping at the Manaro lakes, visit the local cultural centre and look at flying foxes. Tua Lodge has running showers, a flushing toilet and electricity at night. There is a kitchen for self-catering, but you can pay to have meals cooked for you. I believe the same applies to Toa Palms, but I chose to stay at Tua Lodge as it is inside the village (Toa Palms is a bit removed) so allowed for more interaction and activities.
23/11/2005 Standard



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