South Pentecost river, Vanuatu
Forest bloom, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Laone beach, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Nagol Bungalows, Pentecost, Vanuatu
West Pentecost, Vanuatu
West Pentecost village, Vanuatu
Vanu Waterfall, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Forest on Mount Vetmar, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Melsisi, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Swimming at Bwatnapni, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Baravet beach, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Guesthouse at Bwatnapnni, Pentecost, Vanuatu
Samuel's Guesthouse Nagol Bungalows Langgo Guesthouse, Loltong Noda Guesthouse Walarua Guesthouse Walap Beach Bungalows Walking Pentecost

Pentecost, more than land-diving

Pentecost is a long, narrow island with a mountainous interior and several rivers. It's a good place for bushwalking and the crystal clear rivers are great for cooling down on a hot day. On south Pentecost you can see the Naghol kastom (land-diving) and traditional villages.

The Naghol tradition is practised only on south Pentecost, from April to early June each year. Villagers build land-diving towers and men and boys dive from them, bungee jump style, with only elastic vines to break their fall - the original bungee jump. It's certainly a spectacular and dangerous leap but injuries are rare. You can find out about commercial dives from the Vanuatu Tourism Office in Port Vila. Land-diving for the tourists is big money with entry fees at 10000 Vatu per person or 7000 Vatu for groups. Some tourists come just for the day to see the land diving and cruise ships started visiting in 2004.

Most of Pentecost's population is concentrated in the north and along the west coast. Kava and aelan taro are two main cash crops. Most Pentecost men are regular kava drinkers and it's kastom for visitors staying in a village to drink a few shells in the nakamal.

Pentecost is a long island and a good plan for touring the island is to purchase an 'open-jaw' ticket and travel between the Lonorore and Sara airfields by land, finding accommodation en-route. Pentecost has regular shipping services that could be useful for island hopping and connecting to Santo.

If you like walking it's fairly easy to walk along the full length of west Pentecost in four or five days.

Several bungalows and guesthouses provide accommodation on Pentecost:
Langgo Guesthouse, Loltong
Noda Guesthouse, Vanu
Nagol Bungalows, Salap
Panlike Guest House, Ranputor
Samuel's Guesthouse, Baravet
Walarua Guesthouse, Lavatu
Walap Beach Bungalows, Wali

There's more accommodation on our Walking Pentecost page that doesn't really fit the commercial bungalow/guesthouse definition. In the south some people choose Pangi's Council Resthouse which is the cheapest. We haven't visited this place.

There are a few newer places to stay such as Clement's Guesthouse in Pangi. Contact us if you can provide an update. Andrew Gray features some interesting bungalows:

Air Transport
There are two airstrips on Pentecost. Air Vanuatu services to Pentecost are summarised below (May 2006). Check the Air Vanuatu domestic website for more up-to-date information. Exchange Rates.

Santo fare
Port Vila fare
Landings per week

We have experienced that flights through Pentecost can be fully booked. This is because they service population and government centres at Sara and Longana. It's a good idea to book your return.

The airport at Lonorore was upgragraded in 2009 and is now OK in wet weather.

Sea Transport
There are several ships passing west Pentecost on the Vila-Santo route. The L/C Brisk and L/C Tina-1 are regular and reliable. Good places to find a ship on Pentecost are Loltong, Bwatnapni, Melsisi and Ranwadi. A one way fare between south Pentecost and Santo is about 4000 Vatu. Exchange Rates.

Land Transport
There are roads connecting north and south Pentecost. However, trucks are expensive and there are no regular services. If you're walking along the road you may be offered a lift. Otherwise you'll have to pay the full charter. Some fares are presented below. Exchange Rates.

Truck Journey
Charter Fare (Vatu)
Sara Airport - Loltong
Sara Airport - Bwatnapni
c. 8000
Lonorore Airport - Bwatnapni
Lonorore Airport - Pangi

Walking is the cheapest mode of transport. See our walking Pentecost page.

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