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Nagol Bungalows is about 5 minutes walk south of Salap village. It has been operating since 1993. The business slowed down from 2007 but we've been told that it's now springing back to life. It's a good place and send us an email or post a comment below if you can update our pricing.

Costs and Bookings
Nagol Bungalows has a good standard and friendly service but it's rather expensive at 3500 Vatu per night for singles or 2800 Vatu per person for groups. In the low season the bungalows are empty and walk-in guests should be able to negotiate a discounted rate. All expenses are payable in Vatu cash. Exchange rates.

Nagol Bungalows offers several tours include land-diving, Ratap kastom village, bush walking, caves and a kastom Eel Stone. The prices for these tours are not clearly set out (there's no price list). Before taking a tour, ask what it involves and if there are any restrictions (eg photography). The Lonely Planet guidebook did promote Bunlap kastom village on the east coast but we've heard of visitors being charged a 5000 Vatu entrance fee. Also note that the road across south Pentecost was closed in February 2005.

VTO web page: Nangol Bungalows

The nearest telephone is at Pangi (38327, community phone and probably not much help unless you're fluent in Bislama). Contact us if you can provide mobile phone numbers.

Accommodation and Food
Nagol has four big bungalows and a dining hall (yacht club). Each bungalow has room for a double bed and two or three singles. Mosquito nets are provided. Kerosene lamps are used for lighting. The bungalows are lockable, if you bring your own small padlock.

Nagol Bungalows has one shared toilet and one haos blong swim. If you don't like to see the women carry buckets of bathing water you can swim in the river. The sit-down pit toilet is in good order. Bath towel and toilet paper are supplied.

Basic meals at Nagol include rice and tin meat, kumala and fish and lap-lap. Breakfasts are tea with bread or crackers. Expect fancier meals during the high season. Drinking water is sourced from Nagol's rainwater tank or a nearby spring.

First surveyed: February 2005 by Stephen.
Last updated: July 2009 by Stephen.

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10/05/2010 Standard


Hello, Just spent 2 days at Nagol bungalows. Chief Willy passed away, his son Luke Bebe (speaks English) is renovating the place with the help of George( speaks French). We were the first tourist for a very long time and they were really happy to see independent travellers (and not people coming out these gigantic cruise ships). The whole family took extra good care of us, young William is adorable and is already joining the land diving. You can ask George to arrange the land diving for you. Please note that land diving know takes place in Pangi and Lonorore, no more land diving in Bunlap... The land diving was an amazing experience. Nice beach at Nagol bungalows, good river for swimming/bathing too. I recommend this place but please bear with George and Luke while they finish the renovation (new toilets and showers on the way). The food was plentiful and the kava too! The only thing missing, beer ! Emma from Singapore
28/04/2008 Standard


Chief Willy died in 2007, apparently the place is still running, but it is hard to get in touch with them (I couldn't). A great alternative is Clement's bungalow in Pangi, five simple rooms, from single to triple, clean shower and flush toilet and simple, but tasty and filling food for 2500 all in. Clement has a truck and can take you to see the land diving or Kastom villages. Dont believe Lonely Planet, Pentecost is very basic (and all the better for it) there is a bank in Pangi (in a shack, open two days a week) but it is not the metropolis suggested. There is no beer! You can get a cold coke + biscuits and tinned food, that is it. The people are warm and friendly, the water warm and the scenery stunning. Take the walk to Batmatmat, visit the school (take pens/supplies) and chat to the locals.
26/01/2006 Standard



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