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Lolowai Transit House, Ambae, Vanuatu
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Lolowai, near Saratamata, is one of Ambae's main ports and also near the Longana airfield. You may be passing though and need accommodation for a night or two. The port is actually a crater (geologists call it a "phreatic explosion cone"). There's another to the west with a freshwater swamp and one to the east with a freshwater lake (the local water supply).

No more? We have been told that Lolowai Transit House is probably no longer operating. March 2010.

Costs and Booking
Lolowai Transit House costs 1000 Vatu per person, per night, payable in Vatu cash. Marsden at the Lolowai Stationary Store manages the place. Exchange rates.

Accommodation and Food
Lolowai Transit House is a modern building with three (four) small bedrooms, a lounge room and a dining room. Each bedroom has two single beds and a locking door. There was no electricity connection in 2004. Hurricane lamps are used for lighting. There are mosquitoes at Lolowai and it's a good idea to bring a mosquito net.

Lolowai has a water supply. The transit house has a western shower and a modern flush toilet. Bath towels are provided. Bring your own soap.

Guests can cook in the Lolowai Transit House kitchen. It has a gas burner and basic pots, pans, plates, utensils etc. Lolowai has well stocked stores and occasionally there's some local produce for sale. Alternatively, meals can be bought at the Lolowai Credit Union restaurant. Ther guesthouse has a rainwater tank for drinking.

Services and Suggestions
Lolowai has telephones, a hospital and some places have limited electricity (eg at the stationary store).

First surveyed: November 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: March 2010 by Angela.

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