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Duviara Guesthouse is near the Duviara Conservation Area and at the start of the northern route to the crater lakes. It's a quiet place, cool and green at 500 m elevation with cloud forest further up the mountain. Duviara is an excellent base for hiking and bird watching. Ask about Paul's swimming hole, it's about 5 minutes walk from the guest house and ice cold.

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Costs and Booking
Duviara Guesthouse is owned by Paul Vuhu. He teaches at Matevulu College on Santo (2009). His sister, Emina Mweta, has looked after the guesthouse and then Ralf, his son.

Accommodation at Duviara costs 1000 Vatu per person, per night. Meals cost 500 Vatu per plate. Packed lunches are 250 Vatu. Local guides charge 2000 Vatu per day. All expenses are payable in Vatu cash. Exchange rates.

Emina: 5979945
Paul: 5354571
Meriam (Paul's wife): 5949740 or 7710847.

Accommodation and Food
Duviara has one guesthouse built of local and modern materials with one double bed and two singles. There's space for more.

The bungalows are lockable (you might bring a small padlock). There's no electricity and not much lighting. Bring a torch light. There are no mosquitos at Duviara.

Duviara has a water supply connection and a new water tank. Paul has constructed a haos blong swim (bucket showers) and a satisfactory toilet (pit latrine with seat). Bring your own bath towel, soap and toilet paper. Apparently this is all run-down - see vistor comments below.

Meals at Duviara Guesthouse may include rice, aelan taro, lap-lap taro, kumala, tin meat, chicken, freshwater prawns, bus kabis and salad. Breakfasts are tea or instant coffee with bread, gato or pancakes. The water supply source is in the mountains, it's clean and good to drink. If Paul is around there will be kava.

Bring a raincoat or jacket and a warm top.

The dirt track from Lolosory to Ambanga is not good and trucks may not be able to drive up after rain (40 minutes walk). Duviara Guesthouse is 5 minutes walk past Ambanga. There's a shortcut road from the coast, just west of the Lolopuepue Catholic Mission but it's steeper.

It's fairly straight-forward to walk down to Lolowai, mostly along truck roads (about 3 hours). It's also possible to walk this way to and from the airport (bypassing Lolowai) in about 4 hours. Unfortunately, there's no easy shortcut to the Longana airport.

First surveyed: November 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: August 2014 by Stephen.

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31/08/2014 Standard


We got a ride up at Ambanga from Longana (approx 1.5 hours) and were told that the guesthouse was not in good condition (I'm not sure that this was true as people have stayed in it very recently according to this website), but we were directed to stay in another bungalow closer to the centre of the village which was very new clean and had a double bed, table and chairs. There wasn't any electricity so a torch is recommended. It had a big water tank only 20m from the room, a separate toilet in a small shed, and a bucket shower enclosure near the room. Price was approx 2500vt per person per night from memory, 250vt per person per meal, a kastom fee of 1000vt per person to go to the lakes, and the guide was 2000vt per day. It took us about 3.5 hours to the Manaro Lekua, and about the same back, but we didn't stop much as it was raining a lot. Be prepared to get pretty muddy and take warm clothes as it is cold up the top of the island. If you want to see the area properly it might pay to spend more time.
03/07/2014 Standard


Just returned to Santo after two nights at Duviara guest house.
Transfers from the airport were 6,000VT each way. Accommodation was 1000VT per person per night. Breakfast and dinner were 500VT each and a packed lunch for the trek was 250VT.
Longana to Ambanga can take 1hr or 2hrs depending how often the truck stops to collect people.
Ralf (the eldest son) was in charge of the bungalows at the time, he organised for Russel to guide us up the mountain. It took up 4.5 hours walking each way and we only made it to one lake. I didn't think we were going particularly slowly so be warned, it's a long way. Well worth doing all the same.
The bungalows are a fair distance from town and the nearest fresh water was a few hundred metres away. The shower involved a bucket of water in a ruined hut and we didn't see any kero lamps. The main bungalow is still in good condition and has a double bed and two single beds, if you're 6ft tall your feet will hang off the bottom.
29/08/2013 Standard


Emina's new phone number: 5979945. Paul's new mobile number: 5354571 or call Meriam his wife at 5949740 or 7710847.
Accommodation for a single adult: Vt1500. Meals: Vt250 per meal.
This is a very pleasant place to stay. Main lodge still in good condition, gorgeous swimming hole, excellent & plentiful aelan kakae (mostly local/organic/free range).
Emina is a fantastic host and cook. She's happy to let you into her kitchen to show you how she prepares your meals. I will never forget the making of the delicious laplap with coconut cream!
Emina is aware that the place needs maintenance & hopes that Paul will do some work in the Christmas break.
The track up to the lakes is good. The lakes are stunning. If you are fit & used to jungle tracks, you can see both lakes in one very long day. Otherwise better camp.
21/07/2013 Standard


The Bungalow is in need for renovation, the Jungle has started to reclaim the house. There is no functioning shower. The prices have changed a bit, meals are now 300 per meal,per person. Make sure you take a hostel sleepingbag, for your comfort. Make sure not to leave cash or valuables behind, as there is no one else living in the village anymore and door/walls are not in good condition. Hosts and owners are very friendly And helpfull. Bring a rainjacket and good shoes for the hike up the vulcano.
04/08/2007 Standard


17/08/2006 Standard


With regards to the above ratings, I personally experienced difficulties in all means. Transport is very difficult to get and in case of emergency, there are no professional medical facilities in the aid post that could be of assistance ...
22/10/2005 Standard



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