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Asanvari Bay is one of the most idyllic places in Vanuatu. It's popular with cruising yachts, which visit from May to October each year. The yacht club opened in 1996. It's supposed to be a community business but nowadays Chief Nelson and his family are looking after the place.

Asanvari's waterfall is a good place to swim (there's another smaller waterfall above the big one) and the reefs in the bay are good for snorkelling and diving. Climbing the hills above Asanvari, you will be rewarded by fine views to Pentecost, Ambrym, Paama, Malekula and Malo. Another walk into the bush takes you to some wet caves with bats.

In 2005 there were a couple of new, private bungalows under construction at Asanvari. These businesses may not have survived because there are not enough travellers visiting Asanvari and the yachting crowd will continue to visit the existing yacht club. Contact us if you can provide and update.

Costs and Booking
A night at Asanvari costs 1500 Vatu per person, per night. Expect to pay at least 1000 Vatu extra per day for meals. Exchange rates.

You can call Asanvari yacht club directly on 38239.

Accommodation and Food
Asanvari Yacht Club has two large bungalows and a dining hall. The bungalows have concrete floors, bamboo walls and Natangura thatch rooves. The aluminium frame sliding glass windows are a novelty.
There's limited solar lighting and a generator. Mosquito nets are provided.

The yacht club has one shared modern toilet and one shower. In 2005 the hot water system was down. Bath towels and toilet paper are provided.

The food at Asanvari is generally nothing to write home about, at least during the off season. Main meals are rice and vegetables and/or chicken. Breafasts are toast, omelette and coffee. Expect better food during the high season including fresh fish. In 2005 there was no refrigeration and no beer. The water supply at Asanvari comes from a clean source in the hills and is OK to drink.

The most convenient airfield for Asanvari is at Sara on north Pentecost.

During the yachting season, from May to October, it might be possible hitch a ride on a yacht to Santo.

First surveyed: February 2005 by Stephen.
Last updated: February 2005 by Stephen.

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Asanvari is good, the YC is not bad but could be better. The people are nice.
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