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Wiawi is a small village next to the Nabi Protected Area on Malekula. It's a really nice place with a white sand beach, good snorkelling and long walks in the bush. It's not tourist resort and that's a good thing!

Wiawi has bungalows near the boat passage which are very nice but completely run-down (2005). Most visitors stay in the village.

Costs and Booking
The Wiawi Guesthouse is inexpensive at 1000 Vatu per person, per night, including all meals. All expenses are payable in Vatu cash. Exchange Rates.

The nearest telephone is at Unmet village. Maybe they have mobile phone coverage now, in 2009, but we do not know any useful numbers. It's generally OK to just turn up.

Accomodation and Food
Wiawi's guesthouse is a basic bungalow, built of local materials. It's actually the Dorcas House, a charitable women's association of the Seventh Day Adventist church. Bedding and mosquito nets are provided. There is no electricity. Hurricane lamps are used for lighting.

The shower is a bucket and well water is used for bathing. The old bungalows actually have western showers supplied with rainwater. The toilet is a simple dry pit squat design. Bring your own toilet paper, soap and bath towel.

Food is basic aelan kaekae. Bring your own tea/coffee. Rainwater is available for drinking.

The truck road ends at Wiel village and it's about 30 minutes walk (2 km) along the coast to Wiawi.

Getting to Wiel is fairly easy, find a truck at Lakatoro Trading Centre. Getting back is a problem if the Leviamp truck (1 hour walk from Wiawi) leaves early in the morning and sometimes it is full. The next trucks are at Brenwei and Unmet (3 hour walk). Unmet's truck makes multiple trips, throughout the day.

From Wiawi you may continue on foot around the dog's head to Tenmaru village and stay at Abetaruvar Bungalow. It's about three and a half hours walk.

First surveyed: October 2004 by Roy.
Last surveyed: December 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: May 2009 by Stephen.

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21/02/2007 Standard


Nabi is an excellent destination all adventurous nature lovers visiting Vanuatu should see. But be careful. I met a host in Leviamp (the infamous Nelson, he's well known) who took me through the area, but made no mention of fees to the local villages. In fact he tried to rip me off halfway, insisting I needed his "protection" to survive Northwest Malekula. Make sure you get to Wiawi, and make sure any payments you make go to the people actually protecting this area (and watch out for Nelson, he can smell a tourist a mile a way). The walk from Leviamp to Vakas I did was about 20km, and with permission it would be great to camp halfway as there are perfect clearings (probably for this purpose). My rating of poor for standard and service is for Nelson only.
07/11/2005 Standard



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