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Ronevie Village Guesthouse, south Malekula Vanuatu Aelan Walkabot rating
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There's no tourist accommodation in the Black Sands area, but if you're visiting the Libansese Conservation Area you are welcome to sleep in the former Peace Corp Volunteer's house in Ronevie village.

Ronevie is a different adventure. It may be basic but the locals are genuine and friendly and you will be well looked after. It's very much a home stay and a good chance to experience a south Malekula village.

Update needed: The guesthouse has probably rotted and fallen down by 2009, maybe the community has built a new one. We don't know but Ronevie village will always be friendly and hospitable. Contact us if you can provide an update.

Costs and Booking
About 1000 Vatu per person, per day, should be reasonable payment for your food and lodging. All expenses are payable in Vatu cash. Exchange Rates.

If you need to pass a message to Ronevie village you can call Levis Store near Lamap (48594). A good contact at Ronevie is Bongman James. The villagers at Black Sands generally speak English and some have been to French schools. Lamap is mostly Francophone.

Accommodation and Food
The aelan style house has two rooms with one single bed in each. The door is lockable. Bring your own mosquito net and a small padlock. Lighting is by hurricane lamp.

There's a private sit-down dry pit toilet. You can bathe in the river amongst the mangroves with the fish or a bucket of well water can be supplied. Bring your own bath towel, soap and toilet paper.

The locals are very kind and friendly and everyone will be offering you food. It's aelan kaekae by default although more westernised meals can be requested. The food is quite good, like simboro, lap-lap, kumula, taro, water taro, fish and beef. The guesthouse has a rainwater tank for drinking water.

Services, Suggestions and Transport
The nearest place with stores, telephones and medical facilities is Lamap, on the other side of Port Sandwich.

A speedboat ride across port Sandwich costs 100 or 200 Vatu (1500 Vatu for a charter). Levis store near Lamap (48594) has a boat. Ronevie village acquired one in December 2004 and it's still running in 2009!

Black Sands is a two hour walk along the main road from Banam Bay.

First surveyed: December 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: May 2009 by Stephen.

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The community had a Peace Corps Volunteer working with them for several years to develop the conservation and community members have had natural resource management and tourism trainings. The community members of Ronevie village are amazingly hospitable and genuine.

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