Paama is one of the smaller islands of central Vanuatu. The major attraction is the nearby volcano on Lopevi Island. South Paama has excellent reef snorkelling. North Paama has nice views to southeast Ambrym at night, where the twin volcanoes produce a red glow.

Paama has several closely-spaced villages on the west coast and just three on the east. The provincial centre is at Liro ('Leer-ro'), where there also is a post office, police, National Bank of Vanuatu and hospital. There are few opportunities to earn money on Paama and many islanders move to Port Vila or Santo to find work.


Air Transport
Paama has one airfield, at Tavue ('Tavoo-ay'), at the northern end of the island. A return Air Vanuatu fare from Vila is 19480 Vatu. There is one flight a week and maybe also a flight from from Santo. Check the Air Vanuatu website for the latest schedules and fares.
Tourists with a return Air Vanuatu international ticket are entitled to a 20% discount on domestic flights. Exchange Rates.

Sea Transport
The Big Sista services Paama (Vaoleli and Liro) twice a week between Port Vila and Santo. She
departs Vila on Tuesday mornings, arriving at Paama in the evening. She departs Santo on Wednesday afternoons, arriving at Paama early on Thursday morning and then Vila in the afternoon. Big Sista can be found behind the market house in Vila. In January 2015, a one way fare from Vila to Vaoleli was 6100 Vatu. Exchange Rates.

Speedboats can be hired for short trips along the west coast of Paama. For example, from the airport or Liro to south Paama is about 2000 Vatu, one-way. You have a fair chance of sharing a ride on Air Vanuatu flight days. Speedboats to Lopevi Island are about 14000 Vatu, return. The voyage takes about 30 minutes. Exchange Rates.

Land Transport
Paama has one road along the west coast and one or two trucks at Liro. Trucks are infrequently used because speedboats are cheaper, people use their own canoes or they just walk. Walking between Liro and south Paama takes about 2.5 hours (about 8 km).

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