Ngaim Orsel Guesthouse, Uripiv, Malekula
Inside Ngaim Orsel Guesthouse, Uripiv, Malekula
Jionmari Beach, Uripiv, Malekula
Ngaim Orsel Guesthouse, Uripiv, Malekula Vanuatu Aelan Walkabot rating
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Ngaim Orsel Guesthouse is on Uripiv Island. It's in the middle of a village but it's a very friendly place with a good standard.

Costs and Booking
A night at Ngaim Orsel costs 1500 Vatu per person. You can cook for yourself or meals can be provided at no extra cost. Exchange Rates.

The owner, Kalki Regenvanu, has a telephone (48564).

Accommodation and Food
Kalki's guesthouse is a modern, two bedroom house. Each room has two single beds. All windows and doors are screened to keep out mosquitoes. Electric lighting is powered by a generator. Kalki also has a video, television and Rambo cassettes.

The food at Ngaim Orsel guesthouse is mostly aelan kaekae. Typical dishes are lap-lap, fish, chicken and rice. Breakfasts are bread and tea. Rainwater is used for drinking.

For self-catering there's a kitchen with a gas stove and a good collection of pots, pans, plates, cups, glasses and utensils.

The toilet and shower are outside of the guesthouse. The toilet is a modern western toilet (bucket flush). Well water is used for bathing (bucket showers). Bath towels and toilet paper are supplied. Bring your own soap.

First surveyed: January 2005 by Stephen.
Last updated: January 2005 by Stephen.

Visitor Ratings for Ngaim Orsel Guesthouse Rate it
Date Ratings Comments
17/01/2011 Standard


Visited Jan 2011 Kalki (John) was very helpful and the locals are great - very friendly and most welcoming. The accommodation is actually a good 4 room house with 2 bedrooms very well equipped kitchen and lounge. It can be very warm inside. We cooked our own meals as we could not get them cooked for us.
23/10/2009 Standard


This a great place to stay in the heart of the village. Kalki and his family: Douglas, Doreen and little Manison, made us feel at home and looked after us with great care. Meals were not available when we went but Kalki was everyday offering us either fresh fruit and vegetables from his garden or a plate of delicious laplap or kumala to improve our rice and tinned food. There are a few stores with a few basics and we were able to get a shopping list over to the mainland for beef or chicken. Uripiv island is beautiful with many lovely walks and great snorkelling. It's possible to rent a canoe for 200vts or be taken to a nearby island for 500vts.
09/08/2007 Standard


06/02/2006 Standard


Lovely hosts!

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