Canoes are used for transport and fishing, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
Manu Guesthouse is by the water's edge, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
Inside Manu Guesthouse, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
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Manu Guesthouse, at Pellonk village on Uluveo island, is one of several low profile, inexpensive guesthouses in the Maskelynes. It is conveniently close to the Ringi Te Suh Marine Conservation Area where there's good snorkelling.

Costs and Bookings
Accommodation at Manu guesthouse is great value at 500 Vatu per person per night or 1000 Vatu with meals. It's an informal place and Patrick doesn't put a price on everything. Exchange Rates.

The bungalow is operated by Patrick Simeon's family. We don't have their mobile numbers. Maybe you can help? Contact us. Meanwhile, you can contact the Maskelyne Islands Tourism Committee and they should be able to help.

Accommodation and Food
The bungalow is a sturdy construction using modern and traditional materials. There's one bed, three mattresses and space for more people. Surprisingly, there are no mosquitoes. There's no electricity although some people on the island have small generators. Kerosene lamps are used for lighting.

Meals are simple aelan kaekae. For example, simboro, yam, kumula, rice and tin meat. Breakfasts are local bread with tea. Rain water is used for drinking.

The toilet is a few minutes walk from the bungalows. It's a dry pit, squat toilet with a ventilation pipe. The haos blong swim is next to the bungalow (bucket showers). Well water is used for bathing. Toilet paper is provided. Bring your own bath towel and soap.

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Last updated: May 2011 by Stephen.

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30/05/2006 Standard


Pellonk is a gorgeous place to stay. Totally different to next door Peskarus. Manu Guesthouse was being used by a visiting youth group from Malekula, but we were accomodated in a village house. Wonderfully friendly people, good snorkelling.

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