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Lunch at Malog, Maskelynes, Vanuatu
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Malog Island Resort, at Peskarus on Uluveo island, has been open for several years now. The owner/manager Kalo Nathaniel has worked on cruise ships and dive boats and knows how to look after people. He also has some secret dive sites that the commercial operators don't know about, including a WWII plane wreck. The nearby Lovhvari Marine Conservation Area is good for snorkelling.

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Costs and Bookings
In December 2004 accommodation was 2480 Vatu per person per night with breakfast. With lunch and dinner, expect to pay upwards of 3000 Vatu per day. Exchange Rates.

You can call Kalo and Nina Nathaniel on 7783524 (Smile) or 7107905 (Smile). Kalo speaks English.

Vanuatu Tourism Office web page: Malog Bungalows

Accommodation and Food
Malog has one big bungalow divided into three rooms (two doubles and one single). The beds have nets and mosquito coils are available. Hurricane lamps are used for lighting. The main door is lockable (bring your own small padlock if required).

Malog has shared modern flush toilets and showers. Bath towels, soap and toilet paper are all provided. Well water is used for bathing.

Meals at Malog can be simple or fancy. Basic meals may include rice, tin meat, manioc, potato salad (with kumula) and noodles. The most expensive meals are crab, lobster and fish. Rain water is used for drinking.

First surveyed: December 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: October 2012 by Steve and Pip.

Visitor Ratings for Malog Island Resort Rate it
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25/02/2013 Standard


Very accomadating and patient hosts who really put themselves out to please you. Really nice family. Kalo arranges everything, Nina cooks great and the kids are quiet, intelligent and helpful. Amazing time, and would return.
06/10/2008 Standard


I spent a week with Kalo and Nina in July 2008. It was a memorable experience! The bungalows are comfortable and are in the village so you get to see the daily activities. It's an easy walk around the island, everyone is happy to talk with you. The church service was amazing. The food was wonderful, 3 cooked meals daily and accom for 4000 vatu for one person, probably cheaper for 2 people. No cars, no police, no locks on the door but I felt very safe. See video clips of the bungalows, Smol Nambas dance by the men of the village and other clips of the Maskelynes under the name southpacific2u on YouTube. If you do go to the Maskelynes, be wary of Jimmy who lives near the white sand beach on the other side of the spit, he's a little money hungry. Everyone else was friendly, honest and welcoming.
07/07/2007 Standard


I was totally charmed by the host, Kalo, and his family. I was there four days in 2004, and made a special trip back just to say hello in 2006. The snorkeling was fantastic, the area pristine. The food was fresh and delicious. But it was the lack of other tourists and the charm of the hosts that really did it for me.
Robert Irwin
Santa Cruz, Ca. USA
30/05/2006 Standard


Expensive! 4850 per night & many in village asking for money, cigarettes etc frequently. Admittedly, food was excellent & accomodation ok. Go to Pellonk where you wont be viewed as *only* a source of funds!! That had been our intention, but we got 'hijacked' ...

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