Jionmari Bungalow, Uripiv, Vanuatu
Inside Jionmari Bungalow, Uripiv, Vanuatu
Uripiv island, Malekula, Vanuatu
Jionmari Beach Bungalows, Uripiv, Malekula Vanuatu Aelan Walkabot rating
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Jionmari is on a quiet corner of Uripiv island. The bungalows are by a sandy beach with good swimming, snorkelling and a small coral reef conservation area.

Costs and Booking
Jionmari now costs 2500 Vatu per person per night including all meals. Snorkelling in the coral reef reserve costs 200 Vatu for guests or 500 Vatu for non-guests. Exchange Rates.

Mobile phone contacts for the owners, Johnson and Rachel, are required, if you can help!

Accommodation and Food
Jionmari's two bungalows are built using local materials. One has three single beds and the other was empty in December 2004. Mosquito nets are provided and the door is lockable (bring your own small padlock). Kerosene lamps are used for lighting.

Dining is simple and often taken outdoors on a mat, under a shady tree or under the stars. Lunch and dinner may include lap-lap, kumala and chicken, fish or pork. Breakfasts are typically gato and orange leaf tea. Bring your own tea and coffee. Rainwater is used for drinking.

Jionmari has a western-style toilet with a water seal (bucket flush). Well water is used for bathing (bucket showers). Bath towels and toilet paper are provided. Bring your own soap.

Johnson has a speedboat and can be found at Lakatoro on most days. There are other boats you may catch.

First surveyed: January 2005 by Stephen.
Last updated: June 2013 by Stephen.

Visitor Ratings for Jionmari Beach Bungalows Rate it
Date Ratings Comments
14/07/2014 Standard


Lived there for 8 months and visit often. I love them, its the best place in vanuatu. Don't miss this.
25/04/2013 Standard


Me and my partner stayed there for 3 nights in june 2012. We hadn't been able to reach them so our visit was unexpected. We were warmly welcomed. The bungalow has a lovely view. Compared to other places we stayed in, the price value is expensive: the food was more than simple ( rice and bananas). The hosts seem to disagree on the price. Upon our arrival Jonson said it would be as mentioned on this website (1500), when we were leaving Rachel took us aside and explained that the price had gone up to 2500 as they were now members of a tourism association...but no changes in the accomodation whatsoever! Jonson was a lovely host and taught us a lot about kastoms. However we would not recommand this place.
23/08/2011 Standard


Stayed for 3 nights here earlier this year and have been meaning to write a comment! Awesome little island escape - traditional feel and everyone on the island is very friendly and welcoming - great hosts and they take great pride in their little tourism development! Must do if you head to Malekula!
22/03/2011 Standard


One of the best places to stay in vanuatu to get the authentic island living feeling. The friendliest hosts in the whole country.

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