Lopevi Gateway Bungalow, Paama
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Lopevi Gateway Bungalow is at Vutekai ('Voo-teh-ky') village, south Paama. Sam Abel, the owner, has a boat for trips to the Lopevi volcano and he is a keen fisherman.

Costs and Booking
Lopevi Gateway bungalow costs 1500 Vatu per person, per night, self-catering or 2500 Vatu including all meals. The boat trip to Lopevi is 14000 Vatu return plus a 1500 Vatu kastom fee. Exchange Rates.

You can call or text Sam on +678 5939483 or +678 5343534. Sam's boat also provides transport along the west coast.

Accommodation and Food
The bungalow has one double bed and two singles. A new flush toilet and a shower were under construction in January 2015.

The kitchen has a gas stove and basics for cooking. Rainwater is used for drinking.

First surveyed: Jan 2015 by Stephen.
Last updated: Feb 2015 by Stephen.

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