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Dram-Dram is on west Malekula at Losinwei ('Low-sin-way') village, close to Unmet ('Oon-met'). It's about 30 minutes by road from Norsup airport.

Activities include walks to the spirit cave, cannibal site, nasara, river and waterfall. Losinwei has a nice black sand beach.

Costs and Booking
Dram-dram costs 2000 Vatu per person, per night, including breakfast. Lunch and dinner start from 800 Vatu per person. Exchange rates.

For more information and bookings contact the Malampa.travel Call Centre:
Phone: +678 48888
Mobile: +678 7748030

Website: http://www.malampa.travel/dram-dram-bungalows.html

Dram-Dram Bungalow has one double room and one twin room. Toilet and shower are shared.

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