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The bungalows and Hefarsar Culture Club at Banam Bay is an established community business near the small village of Vetgot. Most of their visitors are cruising yachts, from June to October each year. They come for the Small Nambas kastom dancing and waterfalls.

The waterfall at Weso has an excellent swimming hole and there's a wet cave underneath, reportedly 100 metres long. There's also another cave nearby which is said to have a river passing through it. Of course, there's a sand beach around the bay and the waves breaking at the point look like they could be surfable.

Banam Bay Bungalows was opened in 1996. The old bungalows were rotten and cyclone damaged and one had been rebuilt by the end of 2004.

Costs and Booking
A night at Banam Bay costs 3500 per person, assuming everything is rebuilt and running as before. Meals are included in this price. John Eddie Saitol, the manager, seems to be a reasonable person and you should be able to negotiate a special rate.

A guided visit to the Weso waterfall costs 1000 Vatu and kastom dance performances are 2500 Vatu per person (group rate). It's about 5 km to the waterfall and bicycles can be hired for 100 Vatu. All expenses are to be paid in Vatu cash. Exchange Rates.

The nearest telephone is 45 minutes walk away at Aulua Primary School (48561, 0730H-1630H, Monday to Friday) where you can leave a message. Of course, they have mobile phones now, in 2009, but we do not know their numbers. Contact us if you can help.

Vanuatu Tourism Office web page: Banam Bay

Accommodation and Food
The bungalow at Banam Bay is built with local materials, has a small porch, is basically furnished and sleeps at least three people (it has two single beds and room for more). The door is lockable (bring your own small padlock). Mosquito coils are provided. There's no electricity and hurricane lamps are used for lighting.

Meals at Banam Bay are satisfactory and fresh juice is always available. Meals may include rice, kumala, lap-lap, fish and chicken. The water source in the hills is clean and OK to drink.

The bungalows have two modern, western toilets and showers. They are connected to the community water supply but there are too many leaks upstream and the pressure is feeble. Bring your own bath towel, soap and toilet paper.

Services and Suggestions
The villages around Banam Bay have only one or two very basic stores and a medical dispensary. It's best to bring anything you need.

If you're coming from the south, you may walk along the main road from Black Sands to Banam Bay in about two hours.

First surveyed: December 2004 by Stephen.
Last updated: May 2009 by Stephen.

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