The Wantok Environment Centre (WTEC) is a national environmental non-government organisation incorporated in Vanuatu as a charitable association. Its mission is the care and protection of Vanuatu's natural environment, recognising its importance for all forms of life, for present and future generations and in the sustainable development of the country.

WTEC's primary concern is representing the interests of rural communities and families directly involved in the conservation and/or sustainable management of Vanuatu's natural environment and resource. The organisation also has an education programme in schools, is engaged in promoting sustainable income generation (particularly low-impact tourism) and is involved in species specific conservation and research in-line with national and provincial priorities.

Over the next five years, WTEC will be concentrating on increasing the sustainability of existing rural conservation projects through improved land and natural resource management in the surrounding areas, supporting members in developing alternative income strategies, assisting provincial authorities in achieving sustainable development goals, encouraging and supporting young people in addressing environmental concerns and improving the availability of conservation related information at the national and provincial levels.


As stated in WTEC's constitution, the primary objectives of the Wantok Environment Centre are:

  • To encourage and support rural initiatives concerned with the sustainable conservation and/or management of the natural environment/resources.

  • To facilitate better co-ordination and collaboration between government and non-government organisations involved in environmental matters.

  • To work with schools and other learning institutions to stimulate interest in Vanuatu's environment and increase practical skills and experience in environmental subjects.

  • To facilitate the use of appropriate technologies that reduces human impact on the environment.

  • To encourage and support income-generating activities that are sustainable and have a positive social and environmental impact.

  • To encourage and support the application of traditional knowledge and practices in the management and conservation of natural resources in Vanuatu.

  • To raise awareness of environment issues of importance to ni-Vanuatu and provide follow-up and support as and when appropriate.


  • The Wantok Environment Centre is a democratic non-government organisation.

  • The Wantok Environment Centre is an independent organisation and is not affiliated with any political party, church or religious organisation.

  • The Wantok Environment Centre will not act on behalf of, solicit for, or advocate on behalf of any political party or religious organisations.

  • The Wantok Environment Centre is committed to the goals and objectives set out in this constitution and will not accept funding or any other form of support from groups, organisation or individuals which would require it to act in a manner contrary to its stated goals and objectives.

  • The Wantok Environment Centre is a non profit/not for profit organisation. Any and all funds raised by the organisation are to be used solely for the purposes of the organisation in pursuing its stated goals and objectives.

  • The Wantok Environment Centre will endeavour to work co-operatively with other NGOs, community groups, government organisations and interested individuals and organisations at all times.